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Cobden Cocktail menu

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"The Classic Champagne Cocktail" £8.50

Cognac, brown sugar-cube and bitters topped with Champagne, finished with a float of Grand Marnier and orange zest.

French 75 £8.50

A refreshing blend of Tanqueray Gin, fresh lemon juice and champagne served straight up, sweetened with a touch of sugar.

Hemmingway Daiquiri £7.50

Pampero Blanco Rum shaken with maraschino liqueur and freshly squeezed lime and grapefruit juice, served straight up ice cold.

Side Car £7.50

Cognac and Triple Sec dry orange liqueur shaken with fresh lemon juice served straight up with a sugar rim.

Whisky Sour £7.00

Buillet Bourbon shaken with freshly squeezed lemon juice, pasteurized egg-white, a touch of sugar and seasoned with bitters, served on the rocks.

Mojito £7.50

Pampero white rum serve in a blend of fresh lime, sugar and mint, all served long over ice.

Caipirnha £7.50

A blend of the traditional Brazilian spirit Germana Cachaca, fresh lime and sugar served over ice.

Classic Pisco Sour £7.50

Peruvian Pisco shaken with fresh lime, sugar, pasteurized egg-white and spiced with angostura bitters, served straight up.

Classic Margarita £7.50

Cuervo Traditionla Tequila shaken with fresh lime and Triple Sec, served straight up with a salt rim.

Passion Fruit & Raspberry Batida £7.50

Cachca shaken with passion fruit raspberries and a touch of lime, served long over ice.

Strawberry & Coconut Batida £7.50

Cachca shaken with strawberries and coconut, served long over ice. 
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