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From 5 November - December 2008

Brought to us by 2R ART

2R Art promotes and develops artists – tailoring their service and support to the artists particular requirements.

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Chip Fasciana

Consistently an experimentalist, New York Based Chip Fasciana uses a variety of mediums to express himself.  At the core of his efforts, he is an abstract painter.  He is also a sculptor, installation artist and curator. 

Fasciana regularly collaborates with other artists to achieve mutually beneficial results for himself, the other participating artists, and audience.

Understanding (detail)
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Philip Firsov

London based Philip Firsov was born in Moscow, USSR. Philip has just graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, after completing a foundation at Central Saint Martin's.

"...a confident handling of lush impastoed paint, a fine setting of figures in space, and a marvellous feel for colour..."
Jackie Wullschlager, Financial Times

Moldovan Market (detail)
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Misha Levin

“My passion in life has, and will continue to be, painting. I have painted since I was four years old and I find the creative process truly fascinating and rewarding.

"My work is a reflection of my perspective on the world around me and my concerns and influences. There is often particular focus on the themes of personal and national identity, cultural degradation and every-day sexuality."

Dress (detail)
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Charlie Masson

Charlie Masson is a young Chicago based painter who has begun experimenting with new ideas on pop-art. 

His work takes the word ‘pop’ one step further, incorporating bubble wrap and acrylic paint into his paintings and so creating a ‘Lichtenstein-like’ image with each dot represented by a ‘bubble’ on the wrap.

Seven Dollars (detail)
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Young American based artist, born in Alaska.

London Eye (detail)
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2R Art is a new business, at the heart of which is a highly personal professional service, as reflected in the personalities of its two founders, Richard Grindy and Rachelle Lunnon.

2R Art offers a wide portfolio of contemporary/modern, abstract, impressionist paintings; photography and sculpture, either original or limited edition prints.

2R Art promotes and develops artists – tailoring our service and support to their particular requirements; new artists seeking wider exposure, or existing artists wishing to develop into an alternative medium; or well established and recognized artists in a particular country wishing to expand their popularity into new territories. They achieve this through our close relationship with galleries and by specifically tailored exhibitions at prestigious locations and venues.

Find out more about 2R ART:

Call Richard or Rachelle on 07786 733 030

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